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Dr. Thomas Haye

Thomas D. Haye, D.D.S. started the business in 1969 with a simple philosophy of providing the highest quality of dental care to families by focusing on educating patients in preventive care. Dr. Haye graduated from the University Of Iowa College Of Dentistry. He enjoys all aspects of general dentistry and especially the personal interaction he has with each of his patients. Away from the office, Dr. Haye enjoys spending time with his wife, 3 children, 6 grandchildren, golfing, riding his bike, traveling and reading.

Dr. John S. Haye

John S. Haye, D.D.S., Dr. Tom’s son, joined the practice in 1988. Although he was born in Iowa, the majority of his life was spent in the Janesville area and today, Dr. John remains very active in the community. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology from the University of Arizona and his D.D.S. from Marquette University School of Dentistry. Dr. John takes pride in the quality of his work and has broadened his general practice into providing specialty services such as implant placement and restoration, endodontics, oral surgery, and facial cosmetic procedures including Botox, and Juvederm. His many interests include playing handball, golf, tennis, running, fishing, piano, guitar, and spending time with his son Tommy and daughter Sarah.

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Dr. Michael Barth

Dr. Michael Barth D.D.S. attended Marquette School of Dentistry, marking the beginning of his commitment to providing exceptional dental care. Since then, he has been making significant contributions to Haye Dental Group with his knowledge, skills, and compassionate approach to patient care. When Dr. Barth is not at the dental office, he enjoys engaging in activities such as golfing and indulging in lake-based adventures like wake foiling and kite boarding. Dr. Barth also dedicated his skills to volunteering at an orphanage in Africa for six weeks. His favorite part of dentistry is the relationships he builds with his patients and the joy they have when we restore their smiles!

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Dr. Ishita Aghi

Dr. Ishita Aghi D.D.S. wanted to pursue her knowledge in dentistry, which led her to the University of Wisconsin Madison, graduating with a double major in Biology and Economics. She continued her journey at the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry with the expertise to transform lives through confident smiles. Outside of dentistry, she enjoys reading, music, and exploring culinary delights. She is also a Broadway enthusiast and dreams of seeing the Northern Lights! Driven by a passion for creating positive dental experiences, she contributes to our team at Haye Dental by leaving behind a trail of smiles with compassion, expertise, and creativity.

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Dr. Lopez

Dr. Hipolito Lopez, D.D.S. followed his passion for dentistry and graduated from The University of Illinois-Chicago College of Dentistry. Recently, Dr. Lopez's path led him to Haye Dental Group, where he embraced the chance to foster connections with patients in the local community and southern Wisconsin area. Outside of dentistry, you can find Dr. Lopez boating, fishing, hunting, engaging in water sports, or horseback riding. Dr. Lopez aspires to combine his passion for dentistry and travel by engaging in dental mission work both domestically and across international borders. His favorite part of Haye Dental Group is building on his foundation alongside our team.

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Dr. JP Dentino

Dr. JP Dentino D.D.S. is a proud graduate of Marquette School of Dentistry, bringing his skills and passion for dentistry to our team. When he’s not busy making smiles brighter, you can find him hiking, running, camping, or reading! Dr. Dentino is excited to put down roots in Janesville with his wife, adorable cats Nugget and Zelle and raising a family someday! He has six siblings and two of them are dentists! His favorite part of Haye Dental Group is the friendly and welcoming atmosphere, thanks to our fantastic patients and the amazing culture we have in our office.

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Dr. Rachel Margis

Rachel Margis D.D.S. graduated from Marquette School of Dentistry and brings a unique blend of experiences and interests to Haye Dental Group. Outside of the dental office, she enjoys running, hiking, traveling, reading, and watching movies. Her dream is to explore Europe someday! Dr. Margis was a collegiate diver at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee! She is excited to settle down in Janesville with her husband and join the friendly staff and patients at Haye Dental Group. Dr. Margis can't wait to extend that friendliness to her patients, ensuring they receive the best dental care with a welcoming smile.

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Dr.  Andrew Dentino D.D.S., PhD

Andrew Dentino began his journey in dentistry at Case Western Reserve University and his passion for periodontics led him to further his education, culminating in a certificate in Periodontology and a Ph.D. in Oral Biology from Suny School of Dental Medicine. He specializes in implant placement and the treatment of periodontal disease. Outside of the dental clinic, he enjoys watching NCAA & Olympic Wrestling, reading, and spending time with his grandchildren. Dr. Dentino married the 1981 Homecoming Queen of Allegheny College, and together they have been blessed with seven joyful children! His favorite part of Haye Dental Group is the great staff and ownership that make the place a family atmosphere. As well as being able to work alongside his son Dr. JP Dentino, and daughter-in-law Dr. Margis, sharing the dental profession with the next generation of Dentinos.

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